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Hi I’m Leander, a mum of two little terrors, passionate about family, faith, travel, health (both mental and physical) and making the most of life.

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‘Don’t write about everything, find your niche’

When I started this website/blog everyone I spoke to for advice said to narrow down what you blog about; find your niche…but how can I when life isn’t ‘narrowed’ down.

What’s life to you?

The’s what I like to write and share about…LIFE! Family. Flood. Parenting. Being a Christian. Travelling. Disney. Health and wellness, both mental and physical. Side hustles. I’m sorry (not sorry) I write about a collection of topics because doing this isn’t about just making moneys, it’s about doing something I enjoy and stay motivated to do.

I want to share things I’ve learnt so far in life with the hop that it could help you too.

Happy Readers

Your KDP content continues to help educate and plan my realistic, reachable goals…keep writing and keep us informed of things we need to know. Thank you. Also very helpful responses to any questions appreciate not being ignored!

Anton Delgado

Nice to find some relatable writing that’s real life and doesn’t make me feel like I could be doing better as a mum. Being a mum is hard and instead of pretending it’s easy and you look perfect doing it all the time, Leander is honest, relatable and easy to talk to. Don’t be afraid to reach out when you need to talk to someone even if you feel silly doing so.

Jane Delgado

About Me.

Previously a Retail Manager, Bar Manager, Health & Wellness Coach and holder of many more titles before I followed my passion. I became a full-time mother and freelance writer in 2019. As well as a successful author and publisher with Amazon KDP in 2020.

I thought it was worth mentioning some of my previous ‘titles’ to show you that no matter what you do, if you want to make a change, are willing to put in the work and create a passive income online for yourself…you can!

Right now I’m working a lot within Amazon KDP and the ups and downs of making money online. As well as exploring other methods to making some extra pounds online so I can share what worked for me and what didn’t. I’m also trying to focus on bettering myself for me and my daughters who I want to be able to give the World!

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