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How’s your new year resolutions going?

One of my main goals this year is to be kinder to myself! We can be our worst critics and unbelievably harsh on ourselves.

We can devote ourselves completely to being parents and lose our sense of self in our kids. Whilst my two girls are the most important people and mean the absolute world to me I recently remembered that I’m a person too 🙈

Makeup free and filter free baby!

I haven’t had my hair done in well over a year I mean not even touched professionally, no cut, colour not even a consultation! I’ve been attempting to pluck my own eyebrows when I would usually have them waxed!

Last year I found out I had a benign tumour growing on the side of my face! (Diagnosis of said lump to be explained in a blog post of its own)

My point is that we can pick all day at our own faults yet we forget to pick our positives to…We can’t be all bad! Be as kind to yourself as you are to others. Start telling yourself how great you are, positive reinforcement works wonders with your subconscious…try it.

It’s also important to remember that so many of us feel down and negative about ourselves and think it’s just us that feels that way. If you’re reading this and agreeing or saying, ‘urgh I feel like this too.’ Then that already makes two of us! People just don’t want to talk about it; but we should and we need to. Don’t be afraid to speak out, talk to a friend, a family member, an anonymous post in a Facebook group. Get some support in some way…comment or email me, I’m more than happy to connect and lift others up it’s so important.


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