Iceland Delivery and What’s New…

There’s lots going on at Iceland currently, if you love and enjoy your food like me and my husband then it’s pretty exciting stuff!

There TGI Fridays range is great, the Jack Daniels chicken strips are amazing and pretty easy to recreate yourself (be sure not to use the whole pack of sesame seeds so you can save these for your own home made ones)

Exclusive to Iceland

The onion rings are delicious too, although they’re enjoyed most in our house after being cooked in our little deep fat fryer (not entirely the most healthy) but yummy! The chicken wings and the ribs are winners too.

The only part of the TGI Fridays range that I would say taste similar to cheaper versions are the filled potato skins. Dry tasty but nothing particularly sets them apart from other brands.

Moving on…

Exclusive to Iceland

Have you seen that Iceland are now selling a frozen Chiquito’s range!? I’m super excited to try some of these but be warned…some of your favourite dishes that you might expect to see aren’t there. For example there was no Chimichanga! Can you believe it.

I’m starting by trying the peri peri fries and a jalapeño cheese dip so will let you know how that goes and whether or not they’re worth it.

Another thing that I’m hoping Iceland have FINALLY solved is their Bonus Card. They have been so up and down with what they’re doing, sometimes the store colleagues wouldn’t know how to explain how it works they just have not made it easy for people to use.

However, they seem to be pushing a new and improved Bonus card scheme.

Iceland Bonus Card

Here’s how it supposedly works…

  • Swipe your card every time you go shopping
  • Every time you save £20 Iceland give you and extra £1 (how generous)
  • You get exclusive product discounts (similar to how the Tesco Clubcard works)
  • Chances to win exclusive prizes.
  • The usual free home delivery in store and online (assuming the usual minimum spend is met)
  • Some sort of special gift on your birthday.

How to get a Bonus Card

The easiest way to apply for a bonus card is online. You get set up with a digital card that your virtually swipe when you shop.

However, it’s worth noting that if you’d rather a physical card you can ask for one of these in store and then get set up that way. You would then have to register your physical card online.

Iceland Bonus Card


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