Savings Tip – Join The Club!

The Tesco Clubcard Club That Is.

Okay it doesn’t have to be Tesco, it can be The Morrisons Savers or the Iceland Bonus Card, wherever you shop…join the club/savings programme they have.

I’m mostly going to share with you what I’ve come to know and use about having a Clubcard because that’s mostly where I shop when I’m not going to Aldi. I’ve also come to learn a lot more about it so thought it might be useful to share with you, especially if you don’t see the point in it (because that used to be me).

Tesco Clubcard

How you earn points.

You scan your Clubcard every time you shop. You can have a physical card, a small tab card on your keys or download the Tesco Clubcard app and scan the QR code. Do this when you shop in store, for food, clothes, toys, everything and when you buy petrol (be sure to scan your card before filling up). If you have a Tesco mobile (like I do) then be sure to ask in store for them to link it to your card every time your monthly bill comes out.

What happens to these points

The points you earn from shopping turn into vouchers to spend. The easiest way to do this is by using the Tesco Clubcard app as it tells you how many pounds in vouchers you’ve built up so far. I like to save all my points and vouchers and use them at Christmas time for food and gifts. You can also turn your vouchers into ‘rewards’ where you sometimes get extra value (I’ll explain below).

Tesco Clubcard App

Tesco Clubcard Rewards

You can either use your vouchers and spend them when you shop in store; at the checkout the cashier takes your vouchers off the total amount your shop comes to and you pay the remaining balance. There’s no limit to how many vouchers you can use at any one time which is great!

Or…you can swap your vouchers points for reward points and get a few bonus pennies for doing so.

Tesco Rewards Examples

Some rewards give you a really good bonus for choosing to swap your points. For example, currently if you swap your vouchers for money towards Disney Plus they are giving 3 times the amount you have in vouchers to use. I have around £8 in Tesco vouchers to use or I could have £24 towards Disney Plus instead, which I think is pretty great value…that would be quite a chunk of a yearly subscription cost 👍🏻

Clubcard Prices

If you’ve been in Tescos lately you may have noticed big yellow labels saying ‘Clubcard Price’ on them. This may seem obvious but if you have a Clubcard you get those specific items for the Clubcard price which is cheaper than the usual price.

Clubcard Prices Example

Tip – it’s always a cheeky idea to listen to the person in front of you at the checkout because when the cashier asks them if they have a Clubcard and they say ‘no’ you can always offer for them to scan yours…it’s a win win! They get the Clubcard prices and you get the points 😉

I know I’ve ONLY shared information about the Tesco Clubcard because that’s what I use and have come to know. However, if Tesco isn’t your local or your ‘go-to’ choice and you’re not sure if they have anything like a Clubcard have the confidence to ask because it will help save you some all important £££ and it will benefit you in the long run.

Morrison’s definitely have the Christmas Savers leaflets where you purchase a stamp for a pound every time you shop and stick them in the leaflet, they give you a couple of extra pounds when you reach certain milestones like £50 and £100.

Asda also has a Christmas savings card as well as its Asda George Rewards Scheme that launched back in 2019. George is Asda’s clothing range – Shoppers earn a point for every £1 they spend and earn double points on orders £50 or over. The points are then exchanged for discounts, which I have used online to purchase my kids clothes before so can vouch for this one.

Hope this helps and you find some of the information useful. If you know of or use any other cards or schemes with other Supermarkets out there please let me know or share so we can all save some all important £££’s.


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