Money Saving/Earning Tip – 20 Cogs

Who doesn’t want to earn a bit of extra cash on the side? The cost of livings going up quicker than any of our wages, salaries or benefits so if there’s a way to make some extra money it really helps and if you can make it quick then that’s a bonus!

Have you heard of 20 Cogs?

Anyone I’ve spoken yo so far about this…hasn’t!

20 Cogs Home Page

I am not sponsored, I don’t make any money from sharing this information I just want to help others make some extra cash! All it takes is time, you don’t have to spend any money at all if you don’t want to with 20 Cogs. The amount you earn varies on the offers.

How it works

You sign up to the website with your email address.

You are then given offers to complete these offers are called ‘cogs’.

You can only move on to the next ‘cog’ once you have completed the first.

These ‘offers’ for you to complete range from free trials, buying cheap samples of things, signing up to betting websites and using all the free spins you’re given as well as trying new pet foods or box subscriptions. If you only want to do the freebies and the more affordable offers like I did you can earn around £100 – £150. However, if you’re happy to spend money to make more money back then you could make a lot more.

For example, an offer might be sign up and deposit £5 to a betting website and play through your deposit and we’ll give you £10 so really although you’re spending that initial fiver, you get it back and with £5 extra profit.

Once you have completed all 20 ‘cogs’/offers and they turn green (which can take up to 21 days) you can then request the payout and you get it directly into your bank.

20 Cogs

Just so you know I have actually done this I’ve included a picture of my earnings below.

My 20 Cogs Earnings

One thing I learnt, because I procrastinate a lot, was that it took me much longer than it needed to. If you get your head down and get the offers done as soon as they become available then you could probably complete this within a month. It took me a few months because I kept going back to it and then I had to wait the full 21 days for the payout!

It’s important to note not to leave it too long or you have to start from scratch.

The Negative

Having to wait 3 weeks for the money you’ve earned is frustrating.

The way I see it, you can only complete 20 cogs one time because you have to be a new customer to get a lot of the offers. It would be really difficult to try and do this over and over again, so it’s a one off bit of extra money 💰

Try it for yourself

Although, you can only really complete it once, you can refer friends and family and earn a little if they complete it and collect their earnings.

Refer a Friend

That being said, here’s my link to take you over to the website if you want to try it for yourself. It’s really easy, if I can do it…you can too!

I really hope this helps and has show you there are some still legitimate ways to make a bit of extra cash for yourself out there.


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