Clean Oven Glass Fast With a Dishwasher Tablet ‘Hack’ – Does it really work?

I tried magic cloths, boiling hot soapy water, all different types of oven glass cleaner, I even tried Ajax!

I thought I’d given up and my oven glass was the cleanest it would be for the foreseeable future. The top latest thin layer of grease and burn had been removed but what remained was thick baking stains from a busy Christmas and hectic family dinners after that. A dirty oven is the sign of a well used oven right?


I wanted to be able to see through the glass once again, not having to always pull open the door to see how the food was cooking. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to look much sooner, I finally looked up on YouTube ‘best way to clean oven glass’ and ‘oven cleaning hacks‘. What appeared was all things to do with dishwasher tablets. I was confused. A dishwasher tablet would clean my oven…how? After watching a quick tutorial I decided to give this a try for myself.

However, all the videos I watched seemed to use ‘Finish’ branded dishwasher tablets, and I’m sorry but when you don’t have a dishwasher £7 for 46 Finish dishwasher tablets seemed like a lot to be forking out (although now I realise you might pay that in hopes of a good oven cleaner in general). I was in Tesco and saw their own brand of dishwasher tablets, £3 for 30 tablets. I picked up both bags of tablets and look to the back of the packs to compare the ingredients. They both had the same ingredients and the Tesco ones had a few added extras so I thought they’d do just as good of a job as the Finish ones. I bought the Tesco tablets and left feeling rather excited to try a new cleaning hack. (Geek)

Here’s the link to my video of what happened when I got home and finally found the right time to try them out. Be sure to let me know if this is something you do yourself or are going to try and if not then please share your cleaning tips 🧼

Also if you could like and subscribe I’d love that to, lots more consistent content coming (I’m trying my best). or instead of watching the video please scroll down and read on 👍🏻

I got my bowl of hot as I could handle water, glove on and unwrapped my first dishwasher tablets. I took the little block out the middle and dropped it in the water just in case it makes any difference. I then dipped the white side of the tablet in the water just to get it a little damp and began to scrub gently directly onto my stained oven glass.

At first nothing much seemed to happen but as I perused and stuck with it the tablet began to disintegrate and look black, as well as the fingertips of my gloves getting dirty; something was lifting from my oven glass.

Much slower than the YouTube videos I watched but the grease and grime was lifting and my glass slowly began to look much more transparent! I am happy to report for me at least this hack works and don’t know why it wouldn’t for anyone else! TRY IT.

Tesco Dishwasher Tablets £3

I ended up using around 5 tablets because they dissolve quite quickly as you’re scrubbing. I would clean the remaining bits of powder off with a bit of kitchen towel and then start the process again.

It took longer than 15 minutes, maybe around half an hour but well worth it and I would definitely be an advocate for this hack! I will be using the dishwasher tablets to clean my oven glass again and might even try these when I have tough stains elsewhere.

Clean oven glass fast

If you want to see what actually happened just watch the video above. Please also feel free to head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe to join the growing community 😊


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