How to Try Hello Fresh for Less Than £10!

If you haven’t heard of Hello Fresh (I’d be shocked) it’s a WEEKLY meal subscription service that delivery all the fresh produce you’d need to make the meals provided.

You choose the meal plans you want to follow, for example when testing this myself I signed up for 3 meals a week to feed 2 people. This plan would usually cost £26.99 a week plus shipping £4.99. I don’t know about your personal situation but to me that was a heck of a lot and way more than I’d consider spending on a service. Maybe monthly, but certainly not weekly when I can pop to Aldi and get meals for an entire week for that same price!

However, instead of paying the full price including shipping of £30.98; I in fact paid £8.39 and I’m going to share with you just how I managed it as it’s incredibly easy if you want to try this for less yourself.

Hello Fresh Offer

As you can see in the above image, Hello Fresh seem to be constantly running this promotion at the moment where you get 50% off your first subscription box. It’s really important to remember that Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription meal and they continue taking the direct debits unless you remember to cancel. A lot of their customers seem to get caught out this way by simply forgetting to cancel, so maybe consider setting a reminder on your phone or calendar (or a post-it note on the fridge!) so you don’t end up out of pocket.

You’ve already got 50% off and free shipping, £13.50 for 2 people and 3 ‘delicious’ recipes a week. How do you get the remaining discount to pay less than a tenner/£10? You head over to Topcashback!

I know I’ve previously posted about Topcashback but it really is a money saver in the long run, or short run depending on how often you spend your money online.

Hello Fresh Topcashback

As you will see in the above image if you are signed up to receive Topcashback, when you spend under £13.50 you receive £5.10 back or if you do a larger plan than I tried and spend more than £13.50 you receive a whopping £10.20 cashback! Simple. No voucher codes, or long winded way of doing things just the regular Hello Fresh offer with a bit of cashback on top…easy enough.

However, did I find Hello Fresh worth it? Will I continue using this subscription service?

Hello Fresh Review – Is it worth it?

I’m saddened to say that after all the excitement and anticipation after constantly seeing and hearing Hello Fresh adverts on the radio, TV and online upon receiving my delivery I was rather excited but disappointed upon trying the food.

The three meals we were randomly sent depending on our likes and dislikes were,

1. Prince Harry’s Chicken Pie

2. Teriyaki Beef Mincd

3. Creamy Bacon & Mustard Penne

For me personally I suppose I can be a little picky when it comes to meat, mainly chicken. I’d rather not have chicken on the bone (but don’t get me wrong I do eat and enjoy it at times) and it doesn’t always take a lot to put off.

That’s unfortunately what I found with the Hello Fresh meal. The chicken was shockingly veiny and not matter how long I cooked it, because I actually ended up putting it back in the pan to see if I could improve the colour of it; it just looked pinkish just not a normal nice white cooked chicken looking. We ate the carrots on the side of the chicken pie but left the chicken itself.

The packaging on delivery was also damaged. The odd thing was the outer box was fine but the thick paper bags that keep items cool had holes in. One with carrots sticking out, the other just a hole through to the refrigerated products.

My husband shared my disappointment. We both preferred using Simply Cook. Not only is it more affordable but you buy your own product that you’re happy with in store but add these amazing sauces, spices, herbs, rubs that really elevate an every day dish (perhaps I’ll cover Simply Cook with a post and video of its own 👍🏻)

Be Warned

Don’t be fooled by all the paid reviews going around where families have been given free meals for a raving review rather than an honest one.

Although it’s a great idea in itself, for us Hello Fresh just simply fell short of our expectations.


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