How To Get Motivated! Motivation Tips

It’s Monday, you’re dreading the day, going on your usual commute to a job you hate where you work so hard to make money for someone else while you get paid maybe slightly above minimum wage. You’re counting the days, hours, minutes until your next day off or your next booked holiday week off and continuously searching the internet for a new job, but don’t know what you want to do with your life, or how to achieve what you do want.

How in the World are you supposed to stay motivated in other areas of your life or in general for that matter?

Dreading the day

I want to share with you a few tips, tricks and some simple things I do to help get motivated and stay motivated to achieve things and be productive; which all help towards a better mental state.

Often when you have a lot going on in life, sometimes too much, the days pass and before you know it an entire week has passed you by. A life full of distractions can completely drain you of your energy and when you become run down it in turn makes you feel ‘down’. It’s possible one of the most common ‘mistakes’ people make; trying to take on too much and accomplish too many goals at one time.


Pick one goal – out of all the things you’ve got going on right now, however busy you feel; for now pick one goal. You cannot focus and put all your energy into lots of different projects, you need to focus solely on one (at least until you feel motivated again). It’s important to remember, you can always change your goal if it’s not working out or once you’ve achieved one goal you move straight on to the next. You’re not giving up everything you’re working on, you’re just reassembling your plan to get all these things achieved one-by-one.

Tip Two

What inspires you? For me, I find inspiration through seeing others who have become super successful doing what I want to do, like blogging, writing and so on. Think about your goal, what you’re aiming for or something you want to achieve and ‘google’ it. See what comes up, scroll through the results and start delving into success stories until you feel the excitement bubbling in your belly at what you could potentially achieve. Feeling motivated yet?

Tip Three

Commit publicly (if you dare). This one isn’t for the faint hearted. These days, everyone seems to care a considerable amount about what others think and no one wants to look bad. If you publicly declare your goal for all to see and watch, you’re likely to work that much harder than you would have if you hadn’t. It might come with extra pressure, knowing the eyes are on you but I’m sure you’ll get some encouraging comments and messages too. With all that support on top to help motivate you, you’ll be achieving dreams in no time!

Tip Four

Make your goals visible – This can be anything from vision boards to little post-it notes on the fridge, something you see or cannot miss daily that remind you of what you’re striving to achieve; the reason you’re motivated. Continuously seeing or reading what it is you’re working for not only enhances it’s place into your subconscious but also helps boost your mood, reminds you to stay focused and helps enhance your productivity.

Vision Board Example

Tip Five

Find a mentor – A mentor is someone who has already achieved what you’re trying to achieve, they have the type of lifestyle you would like or the career you want, the success you want. Join social communities and connect with the people who are already more successful than you, hear their stories and ask questions. You’ll get motivated hearing what they have to share as well as learning some helpful ideas along the way.

Tip Six

Do a workout – no matter how long or short of a workout, try to do one. Find a five minute workout on Youtube for beginners if this is something new to you. Exercise really does help, partly because it releases those lovely endorphins that make you ‘happy’, afterwards you’ll feel uplifted and like you’ve already achieved something that was good for you. Even something as simple as taking a walk can help lift your spirits and set you up for motivation.

Tip Seven

Surround yourself with positive people – This is such a simple one and yet every day we get caught up in the gossip and negativity of what’s happening around us, it’s almost like a form of entertainment to some. However, ‘When you surround yourself with positivity, you’re more likely to adopt empowering beliefs and see life as happening for you instead of to you. Just as you benefit when you surround yourself with people who make you happy, you suffer when those in your business or social circles are negative or narrow-minded.’ ( Surrounding yourself with good, positive people can truly affect every aspect of your life, make a conscious decision to surround yourself with greatness.

Hopefully, you’ve found something useful to help you get motivated again and start achieving all the things you set out to achieve in the first place!

Keep on track by regularly reviewing your goals and progress, consider writing this down in your diary or planner, maybe even download an app to set reminders. Remember its okay to start a fresh and change course, the decisions are in your hands. Stay positive and mindful of what you’re working towards and celebrate the small successes too. You’ve got this!


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