Church Events – The Big Church Day Out

It’s Back! 3rd & 4th June 2022 – Wiston Estate|West Sussex

Let’s be honest, you say ‘Christian Festival’ to most people and they’ll immediately picture a group of people all smartly dressed, clutching Bibles, singing hymns and maybe praying here and there…now come along to the Big Church Day Out and let’s really show them how we Christians do ‘Festival’! Give them a bit of a shock! (Feel free to scroll down to the end of this log post for a few images to give you an idea, or watch the video below!)

Join with over 30,000 people from across the UK and beyond to worship together in the jaw-dropping surroundings of the Wiston Estate, in the company of some of the best Christian artists in the world.

If you’re looking at connecting with other Christians or just like the idea of it but never seem to know where to meet such people, come to The Big Church Day Out!

Each year, rippling flags and worship anthems ring out from the main stage as families flock to the field of fun, and cream teas are served within earshot of choirs surrounded by the beautiful gardens of Wiston House. This is the church; all tribes and all ages, campsites becoming communities, memories in the making, the happiest festival-goers on the planet.

With a fantastic and exciting line-up so far including the likes of Matt Redman, Casting Crowns, Lecrae, Guvna B, Joshua Luke Smith, Lin D, Lion of Judah, Galactus Jack, DJ Shunz and many more to be announced this year is going to be like no other!

What to Expect

At the Big Church Day Out, like any other festival there’s different ‘area’ or ‘site areas’, there’s…

The Main Stage – where you’d expect to see or the headline performers.

The Avenue – Flanked on either side by food vans and circus entertainers, the bustle of a walk down the Avenue is something to be excited about all year long. The sights, sounds, smells, bumping into old friends and making new ones; not sure you could find a friendlier place! You’ll also find the CAP cafe and an ‘Expo’ filled with stalls containing resources, gifts and info from interesting charities and organisations. Wander a bit further and you’ll pass the brave queuing for the ‘Leap of Faith’, criss-cross to the end of the avenue you will hear the unmistakable sound of sub bass and spiraling synthesizers welcoming you to the Illuminate Stage.

The Wiggly Path The first thing you’ll notice is Tom’s Stage, lining up some of the finest Christian unplugged artists; here you’ll see the white of their eyes as picnickers sit on hay bails and sip cooling drinks. Follow the path further up to catch flashes of color from a tree, surrounded by Kids and grandparents alike attaching their prayers to colorful ribbons on the branches of our prayer tree. Further afield The Spoken Word Tent will divert your attention, in earshot of hammocks and deckchairs on Wiston Lawn. Finally in full view of the magnificent house, you’ll look across site before your eyes land on the almighty campfire being built ready for the after hours singalong.

Tearfund Tea Garden – A kind of Alice in Wonderland meets Wimbledon; this is about as English as it gets. Cream teas (or Wiston Sparkling) on a freshly mowed lawn, served in easy earshot of exceptional music and flowering gardens. Old favourites take to The Garden Stage (NEW for 2022) with artisan foodies and handmade crafts sold in The Tea Garden Market. You may well find yourself sticking around.

Field of Fun – Bubbles blasting, faces painted, inflatables conquered, climbing walls, football cages, fairground rides and circus performers. With so much at every turn this area is always a hit with parents and kids alike. The Field of Fun is also home to our Big Church Kids Tent, a safe space to worship together with your little ones, seeing first hand their eyes opening the wonder of God.

The Campsite – Don’t miss a moment of Big Church, camping is available and you can share in the after-hours programme, campers family service, community campfires, one-off moments and more in the jaw-dropping surroundings of the Wiston Estate. You can camp on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and need only purchase one camping ticket per person, regardless of whether you choose to camp for 1, 2 or 3 nights. There’s even a ‘Village Green’ complete with late hours cafes, phone-charging, info point and shops.

There really is something for everyone, whether you’re a lone festival goer, a friend group, a family looking for something just as fun and entertaining for the kids…you’ll definitely find it at the Big Church Day Out.

Early bird ticket prices are on sale now with up to 12.5% off.

There are all different price brackets for individuals, groups (big and small), families and you can simply purchase a single day ticket or tickets for the whole weekend. Just head over to the link at the top of the page to have a look in depth. Hope to see you there!


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