Do You Read The Bible? Christian Devotional

This week I want to ask as a Christian, do you read the Bible and how? I’m figuring out the best way and what works for me to make sure I get my daily dose (for the most days) of scripture and of course I want to share it with you.

Of course, as a Christian and a believer in Jesus I know it’s important to read The Bible. It is the most valuable ‘book’ that’s going to teach me all there is to learn and know about God and faith, I want to learn all I can to better my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let’s be honest…do you read The Bible?

I wish I could say I get up extra early to fit in a Bible study session, or that I make the time to read The Bible every day…but I don’t. It’s the main thing I know I need to improve in my Christian journey. I have read The Bible, it was a timed challenge we did as a youth group when I was a teenager and although I found it difficult then, I completed it. However, The Bible should not be a book you read once and once finished you never pick it up again, it should be something you can refer to throughout your daily life.

We’re all guilty of getting wrapped up in ourselves and what we’ve got going on with work commitments, relationships, family and just general life that sometimes being a Christian gets put on the back burner until it might suit us. Days or weeks used to go by for me and then I would struggle for a day so I’d pray, listen to a couple of worship songs then feel better. This was selfish and wasn’t serving God, I was doing these things for me not for Jesus. I’ve learnt you have to be brutally honest with yourself if you truly and honestly, wholeheartedly want to have a relationship with God and serve Him only – I might get into what this could mean for you in another blog post, so for now I’m going to try not to go off topic and stick to helping you find ways to get your daily dose of scripture.

Daily Dose of Scripture – Etsy

Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Scripture…

  • As you can see in the image above, you could have your favorite passages, quotes or various Books from the Bible printed onto a canvas or made into some form of wall art. There are many sellers on Etsy and most likely other platforms that do this. It is important to then delve into the passages or parts of scripture that you have on display and doing this simple thing gives you constant reminder to also do that.
  • My most favorite way to get your daily dose of scripture is by purchasing a Christian devotional. For me, this really helps me understand what I’m reading. I personally use the Oswald Chambers, ‘My Utmost For His Highest,’ it provides me a great combination of devotional and journal. Although, my plan for this year so far has been to read through it, then read through it again and fill out the writing sections for each day. I want to focus on taking in the word, the meaning and how I can apply this in my daily life and maybe make changes accordingly. A devotional journal also encourages you to meditate on the word and pray, all which has the potential to help you along in your journey of faith.
  • If like most of the population you’re glued to your phone now more than ever…download an App. There are plenty of them out there, you’re bound to find something that suits what you’re looking for, whether it’s a daily reminder with a Bible reading, daily devotional notifications or a daily dost of Bible study, there are apps for it all. YouVersion (The Bible App), Read Scripture, The Bible App, Sermon Audio and many more…look into it.
  • Consider joining a Bible Study group. Reach out to some of the local churches and ask if they hold Bible study sessions throughout the week, in my experience a lot of them do. Although this may not be a daily thing, it’s better than the amount of reading you may or may not be doing right now and a Bible study group will really help you explore what you’re reading.
  • Instead of listening to your usual radio station in the car – try finding a Christian radio station. If you’re in the UK (like me) there’s Premier Christian radio and several branches of this on different stations such as Premier Praise and Premier Gospel, all of which include Bible readings throughout the day. Listen at home or in the car throughout the day and you’re bound to catch a daily dose of important Scripture.

Add it do your daily ‘to-do’ list

Every day you get up and do the same tasks without even really thinking much about it, like brushing you teeth, making that important cup of coffee, taking a shower, making breakfast, reading the news… If your really want to better your relationship with God and read His Word, you need to make it a priority and have it on your daily ‘to-do’ list with other daily tasks. Reading the Bible needs to become part of your daily routine so that eventually you do it without even realizing you’re making the extra effort to do it. As a Christian you need the Bible for guidance, reading the Bible is essential for knowing God and His will for our lives; YOUR life.

Oswald Chambers Daily Devotional

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