Take a break to do something analog like writing in a journal, just one example of a healthy practice for those who experience anxiety.

It takes vision and courage to create – it takes faith and courage to prove.

Owen D. Young

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Faith is a personal journey that one day you will be ready to share.

Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.

When you declare, ‘I am open and ready to receive’ the Universe not only hears you, it holds out its hands to help you.

What do you believe?

Such a simple question to ask that can have one of the most complicated or complex answers.

Know that what you believe is up to you and for you to decide. No matter your upbringing, what your parents or friends and family may want you to believe…you have to decide for yourself.

You might have it pretty easy if you’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to experience a miracle, or perhaps something happened to you that made your belief in God undeniable.

If not…then I encourage you to reach out. Pray or ask for guidance, make sure to be open minded and ready to receive. Only then will you get a response, a vision, an answer, a sign…something will happen that will help you.

Contrary to what you may have heard…it is okay to believe in more than one thing or higher power. For example, you can believe in God; you can also believe in the Universe and the power of law of attraction.

You may struggle to understand at times, and that can be thoroughly frustrating. However, if you understood everything that happens around you, would you be so amazed by it? If anyone could perform miracles or create this beautiful world, that wouldn’t be so magnificent. Don’t be afraid or hesitant just because you don’t fully understand…be open minded and accepting of what comes your way.

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