Saving Tip. Cashback!

You had a magical Christmas, just like you hoped. All the scrimping and saving paid off and you actually managed to afford presents for the kids, extended family, friends etc. You bought a feast and really enjoyed yourself…but now it’s all over. It’s January…New Year and the savings need to begin again because let’s face it…no one has any money left after Christmas and you start the year off feeling practically ‘broke’.

What’s left of Christmas

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share a few simple ways anyone…and I mean ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can make and save a few extra £££ on the side; some little tricks I’ve picked up that go a long way and help me pay for Christmas without being out of pocket.

This week it’s all about CASHBACK.

Cashback is when you spend money whether it be online or in store using your physical card you get some money back. Some online banking services offer this, you have to have an online account to do it and if you can then download your banking app as it’s much simpler. You’ll find a tab that says ‘cashback,’ ‘cashback offers,’ or as mine states, ‘cashback extras’. You simply click on this and then you can scroll through the various offers.

For example, say I’m scrolling through the offers and Costa is offering 10% cashback. I click to ‘activate’ the cashback offer and when I use my card in Costa I will get 10% of what I pay in store back. Say I spend £10, 10% of £10 would be £1 so I will get that back into my bank. Any money I get back through cashback I transfer into a separate savings account towards Christmas. All major banks have these types of offers and if you’re unsure of how to find and use them, you should consider speaking with a bank representative and asking. It may only seem like a pound or two at the time but they all add up over the months.

There’s also various websites that offer Cashback for shopping directly through them. I only started doing this myself a couple of years a go when my sister-in-law happened to mention it to me and I asked what it was and thank goodness I did!

The website I use and would recommend is TOPCASHBACK.

Let’s face it we all do most of our shopping online nowadays. It’s more convenient, easier than ever and we love wasting hours simply scrolling through all the pages of good we wish to acquire.

With Topcashback you simply sign up ( the search for the website you want to buy something on e.g. Ebay or Next etc then any and all valid cashback offers will come up . They have ones for new and existing customers, or special offers for certain goods that you might be purchasing like electricals or toys etc. You simply follow the tab that takes you to the stores website and purchase as you normally would, except this time you’ll get a certain percentage of cashback for it. The money goes into your Topcashback account and keeps adding up.

You can either have the money you earn transferred directly into your bank or…get this…you can transfer the money into a ‘reward wallet’ where you get the money as a gift card with a particular store and as a sort of ‘thank you’ the store gives you even more extra money.

Here’s an example to help you understand better. Below are just a few of there current reward wallet offers they have at the moment.

I’ve honestly saved so much money this way and quite often transfer the money to my reward wallet and get a Primark voucher to buy my girls new clothes a few times throughout the year. It’s a big help!

You also get a referral code or link that you can send to your friends and family to get them to sign up and when they start actively using it you get a bonus for introducing them to the site to. What a great way to help one another out. That being said here’s my link again to take you over to the site and get you signed up.

Don’t put it off because every purchase you make you could be getting some important pennies back. Use it every time you order something online even food! I use it all the time for Dominoes! People might find that funny, but when all my cashback adds up to a pretty sweet sum by the time Christmas comes around I’m much less stressed because I know I’ve got a savings put that’s been accumulating all year long.

Start saving now no matter how little, just make a start.

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