What To Do For Mothers Day – What To Buy Mum

I don’t know about you, but I used to think Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, all the celebrations based around people were just money making days. Another way for the big corporations to make their £££/$$$

They still are BUT I’ve also come to know that we are all guilty of getting wrapped up in ourselves, work, family, relationships, money…life in general. To be reminded, or have one day every year that reminds us to show our appreciation and gratitude for someone when we might not have for some time is a good thing.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a certain amount or the more expensive the gift, the more meaningful it is. In fact, if you spend time and effort into putting a gift together for someone like a Scrapbook, they don’t cost a lot to make but mean a lot to the special recipient.

That being said, here’s a few gift ideas for mothers day that I hope help. Some you may have already thought of or considered yourself, others might seem a little out of the box.

Happy Mothers Day

I would also just like to make it known that I am NOT an affiliate of any sort.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Memory Book – If you like crafting and are quite creative this can be a really inexpensive but extremely thoughtful gift. Buy an empty scrapbook or photo album (a photo album that has space for writing captions) and simply fill it with memories. Use photos, cut-outs, crafting items like feathers, sequins etc to make this really fun and detailed. The best thing is…you don’t necessarily have to finish it because you can leave space…To Be Continued. The unused space from where you finish off can be filled with memories yet to be made.
  • Hampers – I personally love a good hamper; it’s like unboxing a bunch of mini presents. If you’re willing to put the time in other than using Etsy and Amazon there’s some really great companies that sell some interesting hampers based on what the consumer likes varying from alcohol, chocolates, tv shows and films to particular gifts based on the recipients birth year. They also vary a lot in price and can work out rather expensive. It’s always an idea that if you can’t find a hamper with a selection of what you’re looking for you could make up your own. I do this quite often for gifts, buy a nice gift bag, some pretty tissue paper, wrap all the different small gifts you’ve bought (I usually find a lot in Home Bargains for this) and pop them in the bag layering with the tissue paper here and there. Finish it off with a card containing a meaningful message…done!

Experience Gifts – I often wish I had the time to spend more time with my mum (if that makes sense). We don’t live far away from one another but with complete opposite schedules I feel like I hardly ever see my mum! One great gift would be to purchase an experience day, this can be something thrilling or a nice relaxing spa day, afternoon tea…anything for the 2 of you to spend some quality time together. If you purchase gift like this it requires the both of you to commit and ‘set in stone’ a day and time to complete the activity. How nice for your mum to know you still want to make the time for them.

  • Subscription Service – I ‘googled’ ‘subscriptions for women’ out of interest to see what sort of subscription services were available other than the ones I already knew about myself and was pleasantly surprised with the results. There seems to be everything from beauty, flowers, drinks and food to monthly period kits, rare bird book clubs, crafts and cleaning products…they seem to have thought of everything. You could purchase a one off months subscription or as many months as you like. I also often found that the subscription sites did gift cards or gift certificates, worth noting if you look deeper into this idea. The person you buy for might not have thought of this themselves or ever heard of it, also a great conversation piece.
  • Charitable Gift – If the mother/mum/mom you’re buying for seems to everything she’d like and when you ask what they’d like they give the most helpful response of ‘honestly don’t get me anything’ this idea is a great one. You can sponsor a child in poverty or in a less fortunate circumstance in their name and they get regular updates and letters on how this child is doing. There’s also all sorts of animal sponsorship’s available if your mum is an animal lover or has a particular favorite like dogs, donkeys or polar bears etc. As well as gift of emergency supplies available on the Unicef website all made in your mum’s name but paid for by you.
  • Motivational Me Time Journal – There’s a ton of journal’s or motivational diaries available, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was one tailor made for mum’s…there is. Affirmations are becoming an ever evolving thing and people are constantly looking for ways to be the best versions of themselves. Trust me, busy and new mum’s often need reminding to take and make a bit of time for themselves; it’s so important. There’s plenty of daily journals like the one below at affordable prices but still great quality. Yes I’m a little biased about the one below because I wrote it, but honestly I really struggled finding time for myself and really felt like I’d lost my identity when becoming a mum. One day I realized I needed to start making myself a priority too, so I created an easily achievable and amazingly affordable gift for all mum’s. There’s an affirmation a day specifically for mother’s and space for some journaling, writing, noting after each affirmation.
  • Personalized Gifts – I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but just in case you haven’t (because you possibly live under a rock) you can pretty much get everything and anything personalized for someone these days. From bedding sets, socks, mugs to phone cases, coffee mugs that change color depending on the temperature of the drink and even toilet roll…whatever you’d like personalized there’s a company out there that can make it for you. Prices seem to vary a lot so do be sure to do your research on this one and be sure to check image size and pixel requirements for the best results.
  • A Personalized Celebrity Message – Does your mum have a favorite celebrity? Who’s her favorite character from her favorite show? Which comedian does she like? Does she have a favorite Reality TV personality or footballer? There’s websites now (such as Cameo and Memmo) that have some well known ‘clients’ who you pay a fee to and they get a personalized message from the desired human. Also some celebrities and influencers advertise and sell this themselves. For example, Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue seems to be proving popular. There’s also James Buckley, Nick Frost, Alan Fletcher, Ben Fogle, Bonnie Wright, Tom Felton, Beverly Callard, Chris North and if money is no issue you could even get a personalized video from Caitlyn Jenner for £1,875 (Who’s proceeds made from Cameo go to Charity). Some really are more affordable though. However, be sure not to accidentally purchase a message from an impersonator…unless you’re trying to see if they fall for it.

Well…there you have it. Seven simple but fun and some unforgettable gifts that could bring more than a smile to make the best mothers day ever!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the day making your mum/mom/mother/mother figure feel as loved and appreciated as they are.

(Happy Mother’s Day)


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